Saturday, February 20, 2016

Have you Done your Research?

Those who say that they have done their "research" and that my allegations are false, ask yourself this: 

 Why does your research exclude speaking to me, my rav, or my therapist?

  I am willing to share their contact info with anyone interested in the truth.  One sided research is not valid.

This was just posted by someone on a private Facebook page for Baltimore Jewish Moms:

"I actually spoke to the detectivce in the special victims unit about 15 years ago, maybe more, about this. Because I needed to know (for a lot of reasons that I cannot will not make public here). What the detective told me made me sick and oh so sad. I was told that there were complaints about this individual BUT that they were not able to prosecute this indiviidual because of the obstructioninsm of the community that the detectives were encountering. The detective went further and said that in his entire carreer he had never encountered anything like this. I was also told that they had a certain number of complaints but that they needed another complaint so that this could be prosecuted. Unfortunately, that is where it stopped, because of the obstructionism. So there it is. Now you know. A detective who specializes in this believes Genendy  and says that there are OTHER VICTIMS. This was more than 15 years ago. Gd only knows what else has happened since. Yes, sick and sad.

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