Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Victim

  I was "zoche" to have your father for both 2nd and 6th grade. I was beaten daily in 6th grade, everything from a slap in the face to being beaten with fists and everything in between. He mummified me with masking tape once, tied my hands together with masking tape, hung me on a hook in the classroom and tied my sleeves together. Those were all on different occasions. I think those are good examples of specific craziness that he did to me in second grade. The worst I remember was in 6th grade where he took me into a large storage room that was right next door to our classroom. Once we entered he closed the door, turned off the lights and said run. I ran, climbed up and lied down on a shelf sweating and "ztitering" anticipating what he was going to do to me once he caught me. When he did, he grabbed me, threw me to the floor, beat me with his fists and gave me a "Russian haircut" or noogey. He then calmly walked to the door giving me a short period of time to wash my face and return to the classroom. I hope this helps. Hatzlacha 


Parents of Torah Institute please ask yourselves; Who is this years victim?  The child taped to a chair a couple of months ago, or someone else?  


Keep in mind that it is a lot easier for a child to disclose physical abuse than sexual abuse.  Eighty percent of children who are sexually abused never tell anyone.  I am an exception to the rule.  The shame keeps victims quiet.  Over ninety percent of children are molested by someone their parents know and trust. 


Victims of sexual abuse often don't think they will be believed so they don't tell.  The perpetrator makes sure that the victim knows that s/he will not be believed, as well.  I am an example of this. 


 I am so sorry for the physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse that this man experienced for two years by the hands of my father. He was an innocent child. NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE TREATED THIS WAY.



  1. To the contributor of this account: Have you ever reported this to the board members of TI? If yes, what was their reaction? If not, why not?

  2. The statute of limitations for sexual abuse and any type of child abuse needs to be changed TODAY!!!!!
    my blood is boiling and my tears are flooding the house!!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I will be sharing on the Jewish Parents for Safe Yeshivos FB page.

  4. To the contributor: You MUST drive to 441 Yeshiva Lane, knock on the door of HaRav Tzvi Berkowitz and tell him your story. Please don't delay!

    1. If you think it is so urgent why don't you call him up and read this to him yourself? I personally don't think it will make much of a difference. About three weeks ago I sent a hard copy of the letter that I wrote (two posts back) to Rabbi Berkowitz, Rabbi Tendler, Rabbi Nussbaum, Rabbi Hopfer, and Aviva Weisbord. I included my phone number and an invitation to call me. Not one of them has either contacted me or asked to be in contact with my therapist. I don't think the issue for them is concern for children's safety, I think it is protecting their own image and the image of the frum community. If other people are concerned then they should call them and ask them WHY they are ignoring me. I can't tell you how many people e-mailed me that they are concerned but can't get involved because they don't have a child in T.I. That is nuts. Remember the famous quote (I think it's related to the Holacaust which is a good example of this) about evil being allowed to happen when good people stand by and do nothing? Wake Up Good People!